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July 4, 2012
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18 (who?)

(always save game before and after you defeat the monster/oni if you play the game)

Opens with-Mochimerica is in the mansion coming down the right hallway and goes down to the front door. Tries to open it but can't.
(strange noise)

>A deserted house in the mountains about three hours on foot from the world summet place. No one knows how long it has been there or who used to live in it. Rumors said that it was...haunted.<

Front view of the mansion. The Axis Powers including Prussia walk up to it. Italy goes to the left. Prussia right.

Close up of the Axis Powers looking at the mansion.

ITALY: "vee~~It's really here."
JAPAN: "I thought it was just a rumor. I never thought we would actually find it..."
PRUSSIA: "It has such a desolet feel...Not bad."
GERMANY: "I don't think it's very interesting though."
JAPAN: "Me neither. Can't we just look at it from the outside and then go back?"
ITALY: "Aww~~After all the trouble we had to find it? C'mon, let's just go in for a little while!"
GERMANY: "..."

They all go inside.

ITALY: "It's cleaner than I thought."
GERMANY: "H-Hey. Can we go now?"
PRUSSIA: "What's the matter, West? You scared?"
(loud crash)

Close up of Japan looking to the right, Prussia standing there with his head turned. Italy grabbing onto Germany. All look startled and scared.

GERMANY: "!! L-Look, we really should go now."
JAPAN: "Oh, don't be silly. It's not like there are any ghosts or anything. Where is your common sense?"
PRUSSIA: "Be careful, Japan!"

Japan walks down the right hallway.

JAPAN: "I know. I'll just go and see what happened. I'll be right back."

He goes all the way down the hallway. And is in the kitchen. Finds a broken plate by the sink.

JAPAN: "The plata is...broken. I have to be careful not to hurt myself."

Obtained: Ceramic shard

Exits the kitchen and goes back down the hall.

JAPAN: "!? Did they leave, after all? How regretable."

Goes to the front door but it's locked.

JAPAN: "It won't open."

Goes down left hallway . Then up the hall to find the Monster/Oni.

JAPAN: "!!?"
"What's this!?" = "!!" Attacked and killed (WrONg cHoICE)
Stay calm. = "!?" = It leaves. "Wha...What was that, just now? I...Maybe I'm getting tired..."

Tries to open the door at the end of the hall.

JAPAN: "It...won't open."

Walks to door at right. Finds a bathroom. Walks up to mirror.

JAPAN: "The mirror is covered with dust. You can barely see yourself in it."

Goes to toilet.

JAPAN: "It's just an ordinary toilet."

Checks cabinet.

JAPAN: "Nothing in here but dust."

Exits bathroom walks down hall turns right and checks door.

JAPAN: "It's locked."

Continues going right then walks upstairs. Turns right down the hall walks to top door enters into a bedroom. Checks door in the top left corner.

JAPAN: "..."

Exits room walks left down the hall. Walks into top bedroom. Find Germany's whip on the bed on the right of the door.

JAPAN: "Is this not...Germany's whip? What is it doing in a place like this?"

Obtained Germany's whip

Exits bedrrom checks ajacent door.

JAPAN: "It's locked."

Walks down the hall. Turns left and checks door on the bottom.

JAPAN: "It seems to be locked."

Goes right down the hall. Checks top door.

JAPAN: "It's locked."

Checks ajacent door. Enters bedroom. Looks around. Exits bedroom. Walks left down the hall then up the hall. Walks back downstairs. Walks up the hall. Checks door to his right.

JAPAN: "It's locked."

Walks up the hall. Finds a note the right hall by the red box.

You found a note. It says "Fix the piano, repair the toilet, leave the aid kit in the drawer on the second floor."

Goes down hall exits room. Goes upstairs. Goes right down the hall. Enters bedroom and checks the door at the top left wall.

JAPAN: "!!"

Backs away and Germany comes out of the door shaking.

JAPAN: "G...Germany!"
JAPAN: "...Germany, where are the others?"
JAPAN: "...You look shaken. I'll go get you something to drink."

Exits room walks left down the hall and down the stairs. Turns right down the hall. Enters the kitchen. Walks to the sink.

JAPAN: "The tap isn't working. I'll have to look for water somewhere else."

Exits kitchen walks left down the hall. Walks up the hall. Turns left to the bathroom. Enters bathroom and walks to the toilet.

JAPAN: "...Well it is water too...Let's not be so hasty."

Walks to sink.

JAPAN: "Maybe I can get water here?"
(sink drips)

JAPAN: "Ah, thank God. It doesn't seem to be broken."

Obtained: Water?

Exits bathroom. Walks down the hall walks right down the hall and goes upstairs. Walks right down the hall and enters bedroom. Walks to Germany.

JAPAN: "Germany, I brought you some water. Drink it, and try to calm down a little."
Don't give it. = "Hum...I'll look a little further."
Give the water. = "Here. It's not filtered water though..."
(drinking sounds)

GERMANY: "...Is that...really water?"
JAPAN: "Judging by it's color...probably..."
GERMANING: "I see...Anyways, sorry for falling apart like that. I feel much better now thanks to you."
JAPAN: "That's good to hear. So, where are the others?"
GERMANY: "I'm...not sure. At any rate, we ran for our lives...And those two went in different directions...I think. Sorry, just...give me a moment to pull myself together."
JAPAN: "All right. I'll go look for those two. Try to get some rest."
GERMANY: "Sorry.. Oh by the way, I found this when I was running. Maybe it can be of some use to you?"

Obtained: Key from Germany

Germany goes back in the closet. Japan exits the bedroom and walks left and down the stairs then walks right down the halland uses the key from germany to unlock the top room and finds a library and the Monster/Oni. Avoids Monster/Oni and walks left to the table. On left side of the table finds a riceball.

JAPAN: "T...This is...! An ordinary riceball!"

Obtained: Onigiri
(scary music)

Japan tries to leave but the door is locked.

JAPAN: "The blocked!"

In the library Japan tries to avoid the Monster/Oni but it finds him behind a bookcase.


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


Japan was victorious!
25 EXP were received!
100 HETA were obtained!
Japan is now level 2!

Japan runs around the bookcase. Runs to the left corner of the wall and find a key.
(scary music)

JAPAN: "I found it! It's the key! Now I have to get out of here!"

Retrieved: Key

Monster/Oni finds him and corners him.



MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


Japan was victorious!
25EXP were received!
100 HETA were obtained!
Japan now level 2!

Japan: "...Wha...What on Earth was That thing!? I have to find the others as soon as possible."

Walks left down the hall walks upstairs turns right down the hall and enters the top bedroom. Walks to the closet Germany is in.

JAPAN: "I'll leave him alone for now. I have to look for the other two."

Exits the bedroom and walks left down the hall and walks downstairs. Turns right down the hall. Opens top door and enters library. Finds a key in the middle of the floor.

JAPAN: "A key? I hadn't noticed it before. Maybe that Thing dropped it during our fight."

Exits library. Walks left down the hall. Walks up the stairs. Turns left walks down the hall turns right and walks up the stairs. Turns left walks down the hall turns right and walks up the stairs. Turns left walks down the hall. Walks right down the hall. Unlocks the door.

Used Fourth Floor Key

Enters chair room. Checks the bookcase at the top right corner of the room. Moves the bookcase. Finds Mochimerica on the wall.

JAPAN: "Oh, a mochi. Are you stuck? Ah, I can't get you out. Not like this. Poor thing...I think Germany might be able to get you out though. I wonder if he would come here for that? Then again, maybe I will have to get HIM out....No. Anyway, I'll ask him."

Exits chair room. Walks left down the hall. Walks up the hall turns right and walks down stairs. Turns left walks up the hall walks right and walks downstairs. Walks left then walks up the hall. Turns right and walks down the hall enters top bedroom. Walks up to the closet Germany is in. The door has turned to iron.

JAPAN: "Wha...? Was that door here before? Or is it just my imagination? I'm sur it wasn't an iron door though...Hum...Germany, do you have a minute?"

Germany talks from inside the closet.

GERMANY: "Is that you Japan? What's the matter?"
JAPAN: "You see, there's this mysterious mochi stuck in a wall in a room on the fourth floor. I feel a little sorry for it, so I was wondering if you could get it out..."
GERMANY: "I see, Okay, I'll go and get it out. I just have one favour to ask you, though."
JAPAN: "Sure, if it's something I can do."
GERMANY: "You see, when I was running, I dropped my whip. I think we should have some kind of weapon in case that THING shows up again. If it's not too much trouble, could you please look for it?"
JAPAN: "What a coincidence! Actually, I found your whip a while ago!"
GERMANY: "...Oh."
JAPAN: "Wait, I'll pass it back to you."

Gave whip back to Germany.

JAPAN: "It was ying on the bed next door."
GERMANY: "Oh, I see...Hem...Thank you."
JAPAN: "Not at all. I only found it by chance, after all. Now let's go to the fourth f..."
GERMANY: "Ah! Japan!! I'm sorry but..."
JAPAN: "Yes? What is it?"
GERMANY: "Ah...I'm really sorry, but...Actually, I'm hungary too. Don't you have anything for me to eat?"
JAPAN: "To eat...I'm sorry, but I didn't bring any food with me. I don't have anything that could be used as an ingredient either..."
GERMANY: "I see! So, if it's not too much trouble, could you please go look for something to eat?"
JAPAN: "Wh...Whaaaaat!? Th...That's impossible! How could I possibly find food in this place!?"
GERMANY: "Please! I have no strength right now. Anything is fine; just find me something, okay."
JAPAN: "... ... ... ... Haa...All right. I'll take another look around. I also have to look for Italy anyway."
GERMANY: "I see!! Thank you!! By the way, did you find my brother?"
JAPAN: "No...But he should be fine. Somehow."
GERMANY: "Sorry for all the trouble. Oh! By the way, take this with you."

Obtained: Beer

JAPAN: (A drink!? And beer, at that!?) "Ah, thank you very much. I'll be going now then."
GERMANY: "Okay, thanks."

Exits room walks left down the hall. Walks down the stairs. Walks left down the hall then up the hall. Enters the bathroom on the right and walks to the toilet at the top right corner.

JAPAN: "This toilet...It seems that I can buy something from it if I insert money, somehow."
(pretty music)

Buys Onigiri. Exits bathroom. Walks up the hall to the top door which is now open. Enters into the dark room.

JAPAN: "Wow, it's pitch black in here. Where is the light switch?"

Found the switch push it?
No = Light turns on Monster/Oni appears kills Japan. Close up of Japans dead body bloody back and facing off screne.
Yes = Light turns on to reveal a Japanese style bathroom. The Monster/Oni is in there.

JAPAN: "!!?"

Monster/Oni walks to Japan.



MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


Japan was victorious!
25 EXP were received!
100 HETA were obtained!

The lights go out.

JAPAN: (It turned the lights off!? Is it going to...)

Lights turn back on.

JAPAN: "Eh!? It's gone..." (I'm worried about Italy. I'd better hurry .)

Walks over to the table on the left side of the room and finds a key.

Obtained: Bedroon key

>After that, he purchesed Onigiri and Beer from the toilet and full restord his HP and MP.<

Exits bathroom. Walks down the hall turns right and walks down the hall. Walks up the stairs. Turns and walks down the hall walks down the left hall and unlocks the door at the bottom.

Used: Bedroom key

Enters bedroom choose to lock door or not. Walks up to Prussia hidding between two beds.

PRUSSIA: "Hh? Who's there!?"
(swords clang)

Close up on Prussia threatening Japan with his sword.

JAPAN: "Woah! C-Calm down! It's me!"
PRUSSIA: "Oh, it's you Japan? Ah...Sorry."
JAPAN: "Are you alright?!"
PRUSSIA: "Th-There was a monster! I saw it!! A, a stark neked giant with the color of a rotton scone!!"
JAPAN: "..."
PRUSSIA: "It's true! We all saw it! Me, and West, and Italy too!"
JAPAN: "Yes, I know."
PRUSSIA: "Before I knew it, I'd wound up here. Those two...I don't know where they went. Am I making any sense?"
JAPAN: "Yes, quite. That does make sense. I saw it, too."
PRUSSIA: "What the hell is that THING? O...Oh!! And what happened to the others!?"
JAPAN: "Please calm down. Would you like me to bring you something to drink?"
PRUSSIA: "Eh? Well...Now that you mention it, I am a little thirsty. Do you have some water or something?"
JAPAN: "No, but I can go and get you some. Would you like me to?"
PRUSSIA: "Yeah...No wait. Never mind, I don't really need it. What happened to the other two?"
JAPAN: "Germany is on this same floor. He claimed he was hungary. But...I haven't found Italy. Do you have any idea where he might be?!"
PRUSSIA: "What!? Italy's Missing!? Do you think he was attacked by that monster?"
JAPAN: "We can't be 100% sure...But he's very fast and good at running away. I do believe he managed to escape somehow."
PRUSSIA: "All right!! Then I'll look for him too! But first, let's go where West is. What's he doing anyway?"
JAPAN: "He said he was too hungary to move. Prussia, don't you have anything for him to eat?"
PRUSSIA: "Something to eat...Now that you mention it, I did find some mushrooms while I was running away. Will that do?"
JAPAN: "That should do."
PRUSSIA: "All right! Then let's..."
(long silent pause)

JAPAN: "What's the matter?"
PRUSSIA: "Don't you hear the sound of something...getting...closer?"
JAPAN: "..."
PRUSSIA: "Hey, say..."
JAPAN: "What is it?"
PRUSSIA: "Did you lock the door? When you entered the room?"
JAPAN: "I...The door..."

The Monster/Oni comes in.


The Monster/Oni runs to them.

Black screne.

(strange hissing sound)

Close up of Japan and Prussia bloody lying on the floor dead.
(sad music)

(if you did lock the door when you came in)

PRUSSIA: "Hey, say... if that thing on your waist isn't just for show, pull it out of it's sheath. If you don't want to be eaten, that is."
JAPAN: "Agreed."
(door banging)

JAPAN: "..."

PRUSSIA: "...Is it gone?"
JAPAN: "Yes, probably."
PRUSSIA: "All right. That was a little scary, but now we should join West. Let's find Italy and get out of here as soon as possible!"
JAPAN: "Indeed."

Prussia joined the party.

They unlock the door and exit the room. The Monster/Oni is there and attacks them.



PRUSSIA: "Waah! I thought it was gone!!"
JAPAN: "Apparently not."
PRUSSIA: "The more I look at it, the scarier it looks! I can't use my awesome techniques like this! Do something!"
JAPAN: (Good grief...)


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


Japan's party was victorious!
50 EXP were recieved!
100 HETA were robtained!
Onigiri was found!
Japan is now Level 3!
Prussia is now Level 3!

PRUSSIA: ""Japan! Run!"



MONSTER/ONI: "YoU...WOn't...ESc...aPe..."


Japan's party was victorious!
25 EXP were recieved!
100 HETA wee obtained!

JAPAN: "Prussia,come!"

They run right down the hall then up the hall. Walk down the right hall and enter the top bedroom.

PRUSSIA: "Come in, quick!"

The walk up to the iron door in the top left corner of the room.

JAPAN: "This is the fortress where Germany is."
PRUSSIA: "It's pretty solid. Hey, West! Japan told me you were hungary. D' you want some mushrooms?"

Germany speaks from behind the door.

GERMANY: "Is that you, Prussia? Are you all right!?"
PRUSSIA: "Yeah, I'm fine! ButbI have bad news!" Ital is still missing! And we have to help a mochi."
GERMANY: "Hmm. All right. I'm done here, so we can go now."
(loud door creaking)

Germany comes out. Japan walks over to Prussia.

PRUSSIA: "I don't really get what we're supposed to do, but let's go to the fourth floor!"

Japan walks over to Germany.

GERMANY: "Can we come back here once in a while?"
JAPAN: "I don't mind, but...Doo you actually like those norrow spaces?"
GERMANY: "Well, you could say that I'm...used to them. There's a lot of room, though."
JAPAN: "Oh..."

Japan walks back over to Prussia.

PRUSSIA: "Do you want to leave now?"

Japan walks back to Germany.

GERMANY: "I...I really hope Italy is fine."

They leave the room.

Germany joined the party.

The walk to the left then go down the hall walk to the right and go upstairs. They walk left and down the hall turn right and walk up the stairs. They turn left walk down the hall walk right down the hall and enter the chair room.

Germany is by Mochimerica in the top right corner. Prussia is standing by the cabinets on the right wall. Japan is by the door.

JAPAN: "Well?"
PRUSSIA: "It's stuck pretty deep. Can you do it, West?"

Close up of Prussia and Japan by Germany. Germany is trying to pull out Mochimerica.

GERMANY: "Huggggnn!! Sorry, I can't do it with my bare hands. Maybe if I had some kind of tools."
JAPAN: "A tool...Well, it's a big house, I'll take a look around."
GERMANY: "Yeah, I would be really thankful if you could find something uesful."
PRUSSIA: "Oh, well, I guess we'll have to split up again to look for it."

Germany tries to pull out Mochimerica again but falls.

GERMANY: "Nggh...Wooaaaaargh!!"
PRUSSIA: "Awesome face."
JAPAN: "Well then I'll be going ahead. I'll come back as soon as I find anything good."
PRUSSIA: "I think I'll go, too. Actually I haven't looked around very much. Might as well do some exploration!"
GERMANY: "Thanks."

>Parted from Germany and Prussia.<

Japan exits the room walks left down the hall walks up the hall and enters the room on the left. Japan walks over to the lever in the top left corner. The note by it reads.
Up is Heaven.
Middle is Earth.
Down is Hell.

Choose Heaven = (strange noise) A red light engulfs the room. Screne goes black. (bang and hissing noise) GAME OVER
Chose Earth = a key falls from the cieling.
Chose Hell = The lever breaks.

JAPAN: "Ah, it broke."

A box in the bottom left corner moves to reveal a hole in the floor.

Japan walks over to the hole in the floor and falls down into a room with a piano. Japan walks over to the piano in the middle of the room.

JAPAN: "It's an ordinary piano...Maybe I could play something?"

Japan plays Insanity on the piano.

JAPAN: "It's not off-tune, even if it has probably been down here for years."
okay this is hetaoni the script of the game if you wan to know more watch kyokoon64 she even does comments i dont own i just wrote this dont like dont read thats all
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Beek-A-Boo Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd like to thank you for posting this. I'm using it for a comic where all the characters are dogs. This is very useful.  ^^
JessilynAllenDilla Mar 16, 2014  Student General Artist
youre welcome
and your comic is cute
Beek-A-Boo Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you again! :iconbrohugplz:
codelyokofan59 Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
May I use the script here for a script for a live-action movie type thing with HetaOni?
JessilynAllenDilla Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist
omg yess! and send me a link
codelyokofan59 Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, it's going to take awhile though. I don't even have a trailer for it yet. ^^'
JessilynAllenDilla Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist
its okay usually the longer it takes the better it turns out
codelyokofan59 Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
True, but I need people to play parts and whatnot, I'm gonna be Ita, one of my friends is gonna be Germany and another is gonna be Prussia, but I need the rest of the countries. :P
JessilynAllenDilla Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist
you could hold an audition or something
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